Dorlington – by Brian Winwood

Brian Winwood

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Daytime Dorlington

Dorlington in the Dark

“Christmas holiday 2018 saw the birth of a new N Gauge layout based loosely on Darlington Station and the surrounding area. The name of the layout was to be Dorlington, named after my Great Grandmother whose family the Dorlings were a Quaker family from Darlington, County Durham.

Initially the layout was to be 1600mm x 900mm allowing it to fit underneath a single bed when not in use. It soon grew to be in two pieces each 1600 x 900mm which can run as independent layouts or as one large layout (9 tracks in total), the second part of the layout was designed to show the rural past with a disused church and engine shed (complete with discarded class 31) showing how the countryside is being taken overby out of town shops and businesses.

CAD (Computer Aided Design) played a big part in the design of the layout as combining this aspect with a 3D printer allowed parts of the layout to reproduce detailed sections of landscape and buildings that could be incorporated adding to the realism. Shop fascias as well as landscape structures were accurately created for added realism.

3D printing was incorporated in many aspects including the creation of bespoke carriages as well as the construction of a replica 1959 underground train using a Kato 20m chassis. My favourite 3D produced items include Rocket which utilises a miniature powered chassis in the 1st. carriage allowing the train to run on the N Gauge track and a monorail which is totally scratch using Z gauge power chassis built on an elevated track