Graham Morfoot 2

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Gracetown Bank

Gracetown Bank is a layout that depicts a northern England goods yard. An assortment of steam and diesel locomotives shunt the yard. Goods wagons are brought into the yard from fiddle yards on both sides of the layout. The wagons are positioned at various loading and unloading points on the layout including loading docks and warehouses.

A working rope hauled incline takes wagons to a higher level of the yard to additional factories and warehouses.

‚ÄčTrack is all Peco code 100 ’00’. Couplers are Kadee, that allow ‘hands free’ uncoupling.Locomotives and wagons are all Hornby or Bachman.

Baseboard is 3mm Beech ply and 4mm hardwood plywood.

The centre scenic section is 4ft wide,  further 2ft fiddle yards are on both sides the layout.