Graham Morfoot

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Ellasweet Beet Factory


The layout is a representation of a sugar beet factory in East Anglia.In about 1960, a steam tank engine owned by British Sugar operates in the yard. British Rail delivers wagon loads of sugar beet, limestone, coal and materials used to process the beet to produce sugar.

This layout is dedicated to the memory of Clive Brown a fellow modeller and good friend.

South Links Terminal


Somewhere in Midwest USA is a city with a railroad and rail yard circa.1980, just like my layout, until I find that city nobody can say it is not the way it is !
So the rail yard is on the edge of downtown, it is owned by the SouthLincs. Terminal Railroad, but Union Pacific and Santa Fe ( now BNSF )have trackage rights into the city on the two lines from west and east.
South Lincs. Terminal usually switch the yard and the local industries in and around the city, UP and BNSF bring in, and take out loaded and empty freight cars two or three times a day.
Within the yard is a small intermodal area, flour mill, concrete plant, small fuel oil facility, furniture manufacturing site, and warehouses. There are also logging and sawmill operations’ in the nearby mountains which will provide a regular flow of lumber traffic. This all generates a varied and regular stream of traffic. There is also a regular BNSF train of coal hoppers that pass through the town to the city power generating plant on the outskirts of town. A daily Amtrak Budd unit is also routed along the edge of the yard to the passenger station on the other side of the city.

Gracetown Bank